Stratoplan school of managers (SOM)

Since 2010, we give our students a lifetime value in the form of a clear and in-demand profession of a manager or department head.

2.040 — students of the annual program of online School of Managers.
7.500 — participants of short-term online and face-to-face programs.

— Managers take off here.

About Stratoplan international online management school

Stratoplan is an online manager school. Within it, we teach Project Management and People Skills. We give our students a lifetime value in the form of a clear and in-demand profession of a manager or department head.

The school is definitely not another “educational” service based on taking notes, where most of the time you are on your own.

For more than 7 years, we had been thoroughly experimenting and trying various tutorship formats in our school, tracking progress, communicating with and supporting underachievers, collecting feedback, and eventually realized that pure digital learning has nothing in common with note-taking – the latter just has no efficiency. Digital learning starts with the interaction between students and tutors.

The essence of our format includes a combination of time-proven and effective teaching methods (group work, practical problem solving, case study, consultations, negotiation battles) empowered by Internet-assisted opportunities. This is most likely what is called blended learning.
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The History of Stratoplan Manager School

This place has its history — a weird but worthwhile history of creating a classic management school in the contemporary online environment


The school was founded in 2010 by Alexander Orlov and Slava Pankratov. Managers and heads who had built their prosperous careers in the project and team management, and then joined forces in 2008 to hold business training sessions. Continue reading “The History of Stratoplan Manager School”

One-Year Curriculum, Stratoplan Manager School

Project Management (24 classes, taught by Ivan Selikhovkin)
Team Management (24 classes, taught by Alexander Orlov and Vyacheslav Pankratov)

2 Student Groups:
• Daytime: Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00 AM (Moscow Time)
• Nighttime: Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 PM (Moscow Time)

• Class Time: 60 minutes (45-minute seminar + 15-minute quiz)
• Program Classes: online seminar
• Class recording, additional materials, presentations, and tests are available in Student’s Profile
• Intensive Programs (5-6 Programs per year, for 2 weekend days each) are available for students of the main program at 50% discount; also available for purchasing together with the main learning plan

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Learning Format: Why It Works

Why does note taking and self-learning work only for studying coding and nowhere else?

Keynote:  it is the subject of studying that defines the method and format of learning.

What Skill Learning Is:

1) Acquiring information (theory)
2) 2. Attempt of application (action / practice)
3) Evaluation of the result achieved
4) Correcting actions in case of a mistake
5) Getting a correct result
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