The History of Stratoplan Manager School

This place has its history — a weird but worthwhile history of creating a classic management school in the contemporary online environment


The school was founded in 2010 by Alexander Orlov and Slava Pankratov. Managers and heads who had built their prosperous careers in the project and team management, and then joined forces in 2008 to hold business training sessions.

“We were not aiming to create anything like an MBA or courses for CxOs. Our purpose was to introduce a Manager School to teach leaders and those who are eager to build their career in management, just like we had done.”

In the field of management, there are numerous unproven theories and unsupported allegations having no logical or practical justification. We have picked a short list of tips and recommendations proven over time by generations of managers and heads and combined this expertise with the mechanics of teaching adults that the best offline business trainings are based on.

No milk and water.


We built a map in 2012 that helped us to see where our students come from. We realized that it covered almost the whole world, which surprised us as the School operated in Russian only. However, the large audience of our students who had been working throughout the world had proved that project management and people skills either do work or do not — it’s not about geography.

We saw the second generation of students this year; our graduates recommended us to colleagues and subordinates — this way they could establish a single communication infrastructure and avoid wasting time for basic mistakes in processes that can and must be avoided.

In 2014, we for the first time found unofficial English versions of our materials and translations to other languages — these “adaptations” were made by our students for their colleagues.

We had been experimenting with the digital learning format and diligently polishing the program content. Meanwhile, our students were driving the development of the School and broadening the geography of the initiative.

In 2016, we introduced the digital learning program that offered a format resembling education in most classic business schools. Each class is a practical task that is discussed and solved in a group with other students and their tutor. In the Student Profile, you can use materials of the School with outlined module notes recommended for each class. Should a student feel more comfortable with searching for materials by themselves, we never confine them to any solution method.

In 2018 we are launching the International Manager School. To be more correct, we are officially entering the international market and launching the 6th generation of our program, officially called “Manager School 6.0”.

We want to make the work of managers and leaders throughout the world easier and help them make mistakes rarer. Our mission is to build a School that supports managers and speaks to them in the world’s major languages.

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Phew! It was the most official page of our School. I truly hope they will never make me write in such formal and “dry” language again. Don’t get any ideas, we are good guys who created an awesome School — our lifework.

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