Projective questions

Today we want to briefly talk about how to check someone’s motivational factors during the interview

When you invite someone to a job interview, what would you usually check? His/her knowledge, experience, and skills – what he/she can actually do.

But the interesting thing is to check if he would want to do it in your team.

It is understandable that during the interview a person is usually interested in getting a job. Therefore, if you shell clearly describe, how the work is done at your place, and ask: “Do you want it?” — the answer will be: “Yes, sure.” Money are still important, right? Continue reading “Projective questions”

Motivational factors VS Type of work


Dear friends, in our previous articles we’ve discussed, that all people are different in motivational factors. There are few groups of pretty different motivational factors; and every person has his/her own dominants – one or two. Three is a maximum. All other motivators don’t matter at all for this person.

Today we’d like to talk about the fact, that type of a person’s motivator should correspond to a type of work performed by this person within his/her project.

Let’s draw a scheme for such a “spherical cow” – spherical project, spherical team.

The horizontal axis represents time, vertical represents a number of resources required for this project.

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Five groups motivational factors


My name is Alexander Orlov, I’m a managing partner at “Stratoplan” Managers School. First, I need to apologize for my English. It’s not my mother tongue, so I’m sure, you’ll enjoy funny loanwords and oddities in my articles 🙂

For the past seven years, my colleagues and I are committed to teach smart people working with other smart people. We focus on communications, motivation, people management, project management, and negotiations. Moreover, we are the authors of the questionnaire about 29 motivational factors, which you probably already have received and completed.
Let me remind you, you should have got 0 to 20 thousand dollars – some sum indicating whether you should invest in your current working place. Continue reading “Five groups motivational factors”

Management tools: How do you explain when you feel certain?

Good day to everyone!

Instead of a preface

Has there been a time when you thought for a long time about some job (or private situation), and then suddenly bam! it’s like everything has been laid out on shelves? It has happened to us time and again.

Furthermore, it is in a way our profession—to organize difficult situations. Because for the last 11 years our colleagues and we have trained IT specialists, instructors of personnel management techniques, and things known as soft skills.

Through the course of our work we accumulated a great number of tools, with which we solved different administrative issues. And we have decided to share these tools with you.

Firstly, because these tools are useful. Secondly, we want to gather them all in one place, so that they can be to available to all who want them. Thirdly, we understand clearly that we are limited by our own context, and we would be very grateful if you could add your own. Fourthly, we don’t particularly believe in advertisements. We believe in simple things, that if we do something useful for people, those people will recommend us. So, why not write a few useful articles? Continue reading “Management tools: How do you explain when you feel certain?”