About Stratoplan international online management school

Stratoplan is an online manager school. Within it, we teach Project Management and People Skills. We give our students a lifetime value in the form of a clear and in-demand profession of a manager or department head.

The school is definitely not another “educational” service based on taking notes, where most of the time you are on your own.

For more than 7 years, we had been thoroughly experimenting and trying various tutorship formats in our school, tracking progress, communicating with and supporting underachievers, collecting feedback, and eventually realized that pure digital learning has nothing in common with note-taking – the latter just has no efficiency. Digital learning starts with the interaction between students and tutors.

The essence of our format includes a combination of time-proven and effective teaching methods (group work, practical problem solving, case study, consultations, negotiation battles) empowered by Internet-assisted opportunities. This is most likely what is called blended learning.

8 Curriculum Hallmarks

1) Format: small groups with curators and tutor’s consultations
Students are divided into groups where they do most work on course tasks. Each group is supervised by a tutor who assists in arranging organizational issues and keeps accounts on classes and exams. Course materials are stored in the account on the School website, available for students at any time. Students are free to use any information they find useful in completing course tasks. According to the schedule, tutors hold online consultations, help in solving problems, and answer questions. Students follow the schedule of group classes and consultations, as well as deadlines for submitting term papers, and then pass exams.

2) Two classes per year
The school admits students for the one-year program two times a year: in September (learning goes from September through December + from February through May) and in February (learning goes from February through May + from September through December).

3) Two courses: People Skills and Project Management
The Curriculum consists of two courses: Project Management and People Skills; both studied by students in parallel during the academic year.

4) Additional Conferences and Programs
In spring and fall, the school holds short-term intensive programs or online conferences devoted to extracurricular subjects (Career, Negotiations, Motivation), available to year-program students at large discounts

5) Convenient class time
In the very beginning, students choose the time most convenient for them for attending group classes (usually, these classes are one-hour skype conference calls between the group and its tutor). Based on these preferences, we form the schedule further.

6) Work group chats
Students are gathered in groups (10-12 students in each). Each group gets a skype chat and a tutor who always attends the chat on class days helps students with arranging organizational issues, partakes in conference calls, keeps an account on attendance and progress, and acts as a group work facilitator.

7) Flexible group work
During studying, a student can be transferred to another workgroup either by their request or due to external circumstances (changes in work time or time zone).

8) Term papers
Each half-year, students turn in their essay-format term papers and defend them — this procedure is compulsory for acquiring the Program Accomplishment Certificate. Only students that successfully delivered the certain number of tasks in each program course are admitted to the term paper defense.


For more information regarding the Curriculum, please visit the school webpage:


There you can apply for the program.